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Steel pipes are manufactured using 2 procedures which finally result in them being welded or becoming a seamless pipe. Black steel pipes are produced by using various grades of ductile and malleable iron. These pipes and black carbon pipes have the same applications while welding them together. The process may slightly differ in cold temperatures. These pipes or black steel tube are used in underground or submerged operations as well as in the transportation of fluids, LPG, non-toxic gases from place to place. Over the last decade, we have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of black steel pipe. We ensure that the products we produce are top quality and available at reasonable rates to all.

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The erw black steel pipe is made up using rolling steel and then welding it longitudinally across its length. This pipe shows the presence of a welded joint in its cross-section. This pipe is used in the transportation of LPG, oil, and natural gases. Over renowned workers, ensure that the best raw materials are used in the production and delivery of all pipes.  The sch 40 black steel pipe is also used for the transportation of gases and fluids. The pipe has a standard outside diameter of 4.500 inches and a wall thickness of 0.237 inches.

A lot of people prefer black galvanized pipes over steel black pipes because they take a long time to erode. However, we ensure that these steel black pipes don’t corrode easily by using a simple trick of applying a coat over them. This black coated steel pipe takes a longer time to corrode as well is far cheaper as compared to a galvanized pipe.

Specification Format of Black Steel Pipes

Finish Black (Coated)
Nominal Pipe Size 1/4"
Schedule SCH 40
Export to Brazil, Thailand, Dubai, Iran, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Korea, Oman, India, USA, Peru, etc
Length 21'
Metal Steel
Type Pipe
Features High Strength, Corrosion Resistant, High Toughness and Deformability

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Black Steel Pipes Price in India Black Steel Pipes Price in INR Black Steel Pipes Price in USD Black Steel Pipes Price in UAE Dirham
PIPE SEAMLESS STEEL BLACK 3/4 X 4 Rs. 1,758 23.46 USD UAE Dirham 86.18
ERW PIPE - BLACK PLAIN ENDS,NO COATING - SIZE : 48.6 MM X5.2 MM X 5.5M Rs. 43 0.57 USD UAE Dirham 2.11

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Ms Erw Black Steel Pipes Dimensions

Nominal BoreOutside DiameterLight (A-Class) Thickness WeightMedium (B-Class) Thickness WeightHeavy (C-Class) Thickness Weight
1/8″3 mm0.40610.321.800.3612.002.650.493
1/4″6 mm0.53213.491.800.5172.350.4072.900.769
3/8″10 mm0.87217.101.800.6742.350.8522.901.02
1/2″15 mm0.84421.432.000.9522.651.1223.251.45
3/4″20 mm1.09427.202.351.4102.651.5803.251.90
1″25 mm1.31233.802.652.0103.252.4404.052.97
1.1/4″32 mm1.65642.902.652.5803.253.1404.053.84
1.1/2″40 mm1.90648.402.903.2503.253.6104.054.43
2″50 mm2.37560.302.904.1103.655.1004.476.17
2.1/2″65 mm3.00476.203.255.8403.656.6104.477.90
3″80 mm3.50088.903.256.8104.058.4704.8510.1
4″100 mm4.500114.303.659.8904.5012.105.4014.4
5″125 mm5.500139.704.8516.205.4017.8
6″150 mm6.500165.104.8519.205.4021.2

Dimension Table of Big Diameter Galvanised Black Steel Pipes

Wall ThicknessNominalBore 7″ NB 193.7 mm ODNominalBore 8″ NB 219.1 mm ODNominalBore 10″ NB 273 mm ODNominalBore 12″ NB 323.7 mm ODNominalBore 14″ NB 355.6 mm ODNominalBore 16″ NB 406.4 mm ODNominalBore 18″ NB 457mm ODNominalBore 20″ NB 508 mm OD
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Schedule 40 Mild Steel Black Pipes Tolerance

(a) Thickness
(1)Butt welded Light tubes+Not limited
– 8 percent
Medium and Heavy tubes+ Not Limited
– 10 percent
(2)Seamless Tubes+Not Limited
– 12.5 percent
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Applications of Ssp Black Steel Pipes

  • Industrial Water Lines, Plant Piping
  • Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Galvanized Steel Fencings
  • Road Barriers
  • Parking Barriers
  • Temporary Fencings
  • Steel Gates & Windows