Brass Sheet

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Sheets are made up of various alloys and metals. One such alloy is the copper and zinc alloy that aids in making Brass Sheet. They display good resistance to corrosion and high electrical conductivity along with excellent durability. They are easy to machine, fabricate, or cut and have a shiny decorative, and aesthetically attractive appearance. Thin brass sheet is used in manufacturing, construction, electrical, plumbing, and many other applications. The zinc proportion changes the properties of these sheets. Where less zinc portion makes it ductile and workable. On the other hand, more zinc makes it strong.

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These pipes are put through various treatments and annealing is one such treatment. Annealing brass Plate reduces the hardness thereby enhancing the ductility, machinability, and toughness. The brittleness of the material is also reduce by heating and cooling of the material. It also enhances the electrical conductivity and magnetic ability of the product. One of the major drawbacks of annealing Brass Coil is that it is a time consuming process and takes time to cool. Especially if they are kept in the furnace to cool naturally. They are annealed between a temperature range of 300 to 410 degrees C.

Brass Alloy C23000 Coil do not require to be replaced frequently due to corrosion or rusting unlike plates made up of various other metals. These C27400 Brass Plates are passed through various tests before the final product is packed. These tests ensure that the qualities of the alloy are maintained at the highest possible level. UNS C27200 Strip is widely produced and stocked at our warehouse. This helps us to meet the urgent demand of our customers without wasting time.

Brass Sheet

Specification List of Brass Sheet

Specification Brass
Finish Hot rolled plate (HR), 2B, BA NO(8), 2D, Cold rolled sheet (CR), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Condition Polished on both sides
Export to Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, Oman, USA, Ireland, Brazil, Korea, Iran, Spain, Canada, Dubai, Ukraine, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Peru, etc
Stock in form of Rolling Sheet, Plate, Coils, Shim Sheet, Clad Plate, hot rolled, cold rolled, Plain Sheet, annealed, Flat Sheet, Strip, Flats, tread plate, Foils, Sheet, Rolls, Blank (Circle), soft annealed, descaled, Flat Shim, sheared, Rolling Plate, Checker Plate
Thickness 0.1 to 100 Millimeter
Value Added Service Heat Treatment, Bending, Forging, Pickling, Annealed, Cutting, Minor Fabrication, Cladding, Polish, Rolling Etc.
Width 10-2500mm
Hardness Soft, Hard, Spring Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard etc.
Temper Annealed

Size chart of Annealing brass Plate

Half Hard Brass sheet
mm kg/sheet
 2000 x 1000 x 6.0 103.2
1800 x 900 x 3.0 41.49
1800 x 900 x 5.0 69.09
2000 X 600 X 3.0 30.72
2000 X 600 X 2.5 25.6
2000 x 600 x 2.0 20.52
2000 x 600 x 1.5 15.45
2000 X 600 X 1.2 12.2
2000 X 600 X 1.0 10.3
2000 X 600 X 0.8  8.19
2000 X 600 X 0.6 6.15
2000 X 600 X 0.5 5.14
2000 X 600 X 0.4 4.1
Engravers Brass sheet
2000 X 600 X 6.0 61.49
2000 X 600 X 5.0 51.24
2000 X 600 X 3.0 30.8
2000 X 600 X 2.0 20.5
2000 X 600 X 1.5 15.45
2000 X 600 X 1.0 10.3

Check Price List of Brass Sheet

Price list of Brass Sheet C27400 Brass Plate Price in INR Brass Plate Price in USD Red Brass C23000 Sheet Price in UAE Dirham
BRASS C26000-H02 SHEET 0.250 Per Kg INR 684 9.18 USD 33.72 UAE Dirham
SHIM SHEET 20X30X1 BRASS Per Kg INR 130 1.74 USD 6.41 UAE Dirham

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Brass C2600 Plate Dimensions

Metric Dimensions

Surface finish Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
2D – heat treated, Cold rolled, pickled max. 1524 0.4–6.35
2E – heat treated, Cold rolled, mechanically descaled max. 2032 0.4–8.0
2B – heat treated, Cold rolled, pickled, skin passed max. 2032 0.25–8.0
2H – Work hardened max. 1524 0.4–6.35
2R – Cold rolled, bright annealed max. 1524 0.25–3.5
Polished, brushed max. 1524 0.5–4.0

Imperial Dimensions

Surface finish Width (in) Gauge (in)
2B – heat treated, Cold rolled, pickled, skin passed max. 72* 10–24
2D – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled max. 60 12–24
BA Mexinox only max. 48 18–28
Polished (not brushed) max. 60 11–24
Temper rolled Mexinox only max. 48 13–29

Brass Coil Density

Density 8.73 g/cm³ (max.)

Chemical Formula of C27400 Brass Plate

UNS Number C21000 C23000 C26000
Alloy 210 230 260
Iron, max 0.05 .05 0.05
Lead, max 0.05 .05 0.07
Copper 94.0-96.0 84-86 68.5-71.5
Zinc remainder
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Mechanical Behaviour of Brass Coil

Brass Physical Specifications
Temper Annealed H01 H02 H03 H04 H06 H08 H010
Annealed Quarter Hard Half Hard 3/4 Hard Hard Temper Extra Hard Spring Temper Extra Spring
Tensile Strength N/A 49-59 57-67 64-74 71-81 83-92 91-100 95-104
*Rockwell B - Scale N/A 40-65 60-77 72-82 79-86 85-91 89-93 91-95
*Superficial 30T 25-38 43-60 56-68 65-72 70-74 74-77 76-78 77-79
*Rockwell F - Scale 65-76
Grain Size OS035 .025-.050
*For Reference Only

Brass Clad plate Applications

  • Power Generation—nuclear
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Pulp and Paper

Types of Brass Sheet

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Gauge Chart of Red Brass C23000 Hot Rolled Plate

Brass Gauge Chart*
Gauge Number In Millimeter
7 .1443 3.665
8 .1285 3.264
9 .1144 2.906
10 .1019 2.588
11 .09074 2.305
12 .08081 2.053
14 .06408 1.628
16 .05082 1.291
18 .04030 1.024
20 .03196 .812
22 .02535 .644
24 .02010 .511
26 .01594 .405
28 .01264 .321
30 .01003 .255

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Brass Clad Plates Malaysia, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey
Red Brass C23000 5mm thick mesh sheet Czechia, Japan, Malaysia, Jakarta, Thailand
Marine Grade Naval Brass Sheet Oman, France, Thailand, Hong Kong
C27200 Half Hard Brass Sheet Dammam -KSA, Poland, UK, Philippines
Polished antique 1/2 Brass Coil South Africa, Taiwan, Philippines, Kuwait
0.01mm-1mm hard C27200 Brass Alloy Strip Ellington -United States, Australia, Nigeria, Canada
Brass 99% Pure 4x8 Plate UAE, South Africa, Singapore, Europe
High Strength Brass Earth Plates 6mm UK, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Brazil, Spain
2mm -1220mm Thick Brass Flat Coil Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, Los Alamos -Mexico
0.3mm C2600 Brass sheet roll Malaysia, Colombia, China, Bangladesh
0.2mm perforated brass sheet Bahrain, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore
H62 C27400 Brass Sheet Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom -UK, NY 12203 (USA)
brushed 2K brass sheets Europe, Norway, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Romania
h65 polished brass sheet Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Malaysia
Decorative 8K Mirror Brass Plate Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Italy
CuZn37 brass 1220mm Plate Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe
1000mm*2000mm Alloy C23000 Flat Shim Philippines, Indonesia, Belgium, UK
H62 brass plate Dubai, USA, Finland, Malaysia
H80 Cold Rolled brass Sheet 0.20-40mm thickness Philippines, Iran, Chile, Canada