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Copper is a non-ferrous metal that can be used in a wide range of applications. This is due to the qualities such as thermal conductivity and malleability possessed by it. Apart from this, it is also aesthetically appealing. Copper Sheet is mostly made up of an alloy of brass or bronze. This gives the sheets additional properties. They are used in particular applications that require high conductivity. They are popularly used in construction industries and electrical applications. The Cu ETP Plate used in electrical conductors has approximately 99% copper and is identified as electrolytic tough pitch copper. Also known as oxygen free high conductivity copper they are single phased homogenous alloys. Hence they are not vulnerable to heat treatment.

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Thin copper Coils display advantages such as Sustainability that makes it recyclable and reusable without giving up on quality and strength and quality. They offer anti-microbial properties as they kill viruses and bacteria. Moreover, these Cu Strips also offer flexibility in a way that they can be bent, hammered, rolled, and stretched easily into different forms. Resistance to corrosion is another advantage offered by the C101 Copper Foil. they decay slowly unlike other metals. The only metals that decay at a slower rate than copper are precious metals. Since copper does not react to acid and water they are in high demand.

Astm B152 C10100 Copper Sheet offers low volatility even under high vacuum. Copper can achieve a mirror like finish only when treated with a synthetic finish. The thickness of the sheet depends upon the gauge number. The higher the number of the gauge the thinner the size of the sheet. The perforated copper sheet is widely used in anodes for the vacuum tube, coaxial tubes, coaxial cables, conductors, lead in wire, vacuum seal, bus bar, microwave tubes, klystron, and many more applications. The average conductivity of 101% is accounted for by the absence of deoxidizer, and high purity.

Cu Plate

Copper Sheet Specification Chart

Specifications ASTM B152
Size Range 2000 mm x 4000 mm, 1000 mm x 2000 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm, 1220 mm x 2440 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm
Finish Cold rolled sheet (CR), Hot rolled plate (HR), 2B, HL, No.3, No.4, BA, 8K
Export To Ukraine, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand, Korea, Canada, USA, Ireland, Iran, Egypt, Oman, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Peru, etc
Thickness 0.1 to 100 millimeter
Forms Shim Sheet, Coils, Plain Sheet, Strip, Foils, Rolls, Flats
Hardness Half Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard, Quarter Hard etc.

Weight Per Meter of Astm B370 Copper Plate

THICKNESS (mm) 4' x 2' 2M x 1M 2.5M x 12.5M
0.35 2.37    
0.4 2.68 7.14  
0.45 2.99 8.04  
0.5 3.3 8.93  
0.55 3.61 9.8  
0.6 3.92 10.72  
0.7 4.64 12.5  
0.8 5.3 14.29  
0.9 6.0 16.07  
1.0 6.6 17.86  
1.2 7.9 21.43 34
1.4 9.3    
1.6 10.6 28.56 45
2.0 13.3 35.72 56
2.5 16.5 44.65 70
3.0 19.9 53.58 84
3.25 21.6 58.05 91
4.0 26.5 71.44 112
4.76 32.3 85.0 133
5.0 33.1 89.3 140
6.0 39.8 107.16 168
6.35 42.2 113.4 177
8.0 54   224
9.525 64   266
10.0     279
12.0   215 335
12.7   227  
15.8   283  
16.0   268  
19.0   340  
20.0   358  
22.0   393  
25.0   447  
30.0   536  
40.0   715  
45.0   804  
50.0   893  
75.0   1340  
100.0   1787  
150.0   2680  

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Price list of Copper Sheet Price List of Copper Sheet in India (INR) Copper Plate Price in USD Price Copper Strip in UAE Dirham


INR 264 3.55 USD 13.04 UAE Dirham

99.9% Pure C10100 Copper SHEETS Per Ton

INR 223174.10 3,000 USD 11019.00 UAE Dirham

Copper Clad Laminated Sheet Per KG

INR 122.00 1.64 USD 6.02 UAE Dirham

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C10100 Copper Sheet Dimension Chart

Lbs. Per 
.032 36 X 96 35.72
.040 36 X 96 44.65
.050 36 X 96 55.8
.063 36 x 96 72.56

Chemical Equation of Thin copper Coils

Chemical Element % Present
Others (Total) 0.0 - 0.10
Copper (Cu) Balance

Mechanical Behaviour of Perforated copper sheet

Mechanical Property Value
Proof Stress 50-340 MPa
Tensile Strength 200-360 MPa
Elongation A50 mm 50-5 %
Hardness Vickers 40 to 110 HV
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Physical Properties of Cu ETP Plate

Specific Gravity 8.89 - 8.94
Density 0.322lb./cu. in. at 68°F
Thermal Conductivity 226 BTU/Sq Ft/Ft/Hr °F at 68°F
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 0.0000098/°F from 68°F to 572°F
Modulus of Elasticity (Tension) 17,000,000 psi
Tensile Strength 32,000 psi min.
Yield Strength (0.5% Extension) 20,000 psi min.
Elongation in 2" - approx. 30%
Shear Strength 25,000 psi
Hardness - 
Rockwell (F Scale) 
Rockwell (T Scale)
54 min. 
15 min.

Copper Shim Sheet Size Chart

.125" 3.18mm
.134" 3.40mm
.156" 3.96mm
.187" 4.75mm
.250" 6.35mm
.312" 7.92mm
.375" 9.53mm
.500" 12.7mm
.625" 15.9mm
.750" 19.1mm
.875" 22.2mm
1" 25.4mm
1.125" 28.6mm
1.250" 31.8mm
1.500" 38.1mm
1.750" 44.5mm
2" 50.8mm
2.500" 63.5mm
3" 76.2mm

Copper Sheet Types

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