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Drilling is a process wherein a drill bit is used to punch a hole into a solid surface. Drill pipes are used to drill into hard surfaces. This pipes are made up of aluminium or steel and is hollow in nature which allows the drilling fluid to be pumped in it. Drill Pipe Grades are of 3 types based on wall strength, impact strength, and yield strength. It is generally 27-32 feet in length. We are one of the biggest drill pipe manufacturers in India. Our main goal is to provide high-quality products at reasonable rates.

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This oilfield pipe has rods that are designed using the best raw material ensuring, extra strength as well as sustainability. Drilling Rods make the largest; component of a drill pipe. The main function of these rods is to enable rotatory motion as well as a flushing medium to the bit. The API Drill Rods are made up of seamless steel tubes and fitted with alloy steel joints. These rods can be customized to different shapes. These Heavy Wall Drill Pipe rods are used in rigs to drop the DTH hammer underground.

The Xt57 Drill Pipe has 70% more torque compared to an API pipe. These pipes are 5-8 inches in outer diameter and are mostly connected to the pipe to transmit the torque while drilling. The Xt39 Drill Pipe on the other hand can be used to dig borewells. It is mostly used in oil rigs for production purposes and drilling. With a tensile strength of 135,000, the S-135 drill pipe is a high-strength drill pipe. It has the capacity to drill rocks deep down at high-stress levels.

Specification List of Drill Pipe

Outer Dimensions 4.0mm – 60.0mm
size 5.0 - 1219.2 mm
Swg & Bwg 10 Swg., 12 Swg., 14 Swg., 16 Swg., 18 Swg., 20 Swg.
Schedule SCH5, SCH10, SCH10S, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, SCH40S, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Export to Ireland, Brazil, Thailand, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Korea, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, USA, Peru, etc
Length Single Random, Double Random, Standard & Cut length Pipe
Finish Polished, AP (Annealed & Pickled), BA (Bright & Annealed), MF, NO.1, NO.4, 2B, BA, HL, 8K, Mirror finish, etc
Form are available in form of Round, Square, Hollow, Rectangular, Hydraulic, Coiled, Straight Pipes, “U” Shape, Pan Cake Coils etc.
Types Seamless / ERW/ EFW / Welded / Fabricated / CDW / DOM / CEW
End Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded Pipe, Screwed ends
Value Added Service Draw & Expansion as per required Size & Length, Polish (Electro & Commercial) Annealed & Pickled Bending, Machining Etc.
manufacturing Technique Cold drawn, hot drawn, bright annealed, solid solution, hot extruding
Test Certificate Manufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection

Most Selling types of Horizontal Directional Boring Pipe

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Drill Pipe Price in India Horizontal Directional Boring Pipe Price in INR Drilling Hdpe Pipe Price in USD Drill Pipe Price in UAE Dirham
OD 3-1/2 (88.9 MM) DRILL PIPE S-135,13.30 Rs. 187 2.50 USD UAE Dirham 9.17

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Length Range of S135 Drill Pipe

RangeLength, ft

Drill Gas Pipe classification

5”19.5Grade ”E”XHNC50Premium
tube ODNominal WeightMinimum Yield strengthUpset Tool JointConnection threadDrill Pipe Classification (wear)l

Drill Cast Iron Soil Pipe Grade Specifications

API Drill Pipe GradeMinimum Yield Strength (psi)Minimum Tensile Strength (psi)
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API Connection Sizes & Thread Types

      DrillPipe Size (in)      Nom. Wt. (lb/ft)    Upset/ Grade      Connection    (W) Adjusted wt (lb/ft)      Standard OD      DrillPipe Size (in) ID
  EU-GNC38 (IF)14.4952-7/16
519.50IEU-E5-1/2 FH22.2673-3/4
  IEU-X5-1/2 FH22.4673-3/4
  IEU-G5-1/2 FH22.4673-3/4
  IEU-S5-1/2 FH23.407-1/43-1/2
 25.60IEU-E5-1/2 FH28.2673-1/2
  IEU-X5-1/2 FH28.4573-1/2
  IEU-G5-1/2 FH29.017-1/43-1/2
   5-1/2 FH29.357-1/43-1/4

Drill Pipe Pressure Rating

API Drill Pipe Grade

Minimum Yield Strength (psi)

Minimum Tensile Strength (psi)


75,000 100,000


95,000 105,000


105,000 115,000


135,000 145,000
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We are Exporting to following Places

hole water well mining DTH drill pipe China, United Kingdom -UK, South Africa, Chile
API DTH Drilling pipe for mining Philippines, UK, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
heavy weight drill pipe oilfield Malaysia, Philippines, Philippines, Netherlands
DTH water well drill rod pipe 76mm for mining drilling Sweden, Europe, Oman, Egypt
Geological drill pipe Malaysia, Spain, Germany, Australia
4m Mining Water Well Drilling Drill Pipe Singapore, Europe, USA, Malaysia
drill iron pipe Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Italy
127mm Drill Rod Pipes Colombia, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey
oil drill stem pipe Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia
drill galvanized pipe South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, UK
102mm DTH Hammer Drill Rod  Romania, Poland, Kuwait, Singapore
API water well drill pipe Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Iran
2 3/8'' Water Well Drill Pipe Los Alamos -Mexico, Singapore, Finland, Norway
horizontal directional drilling hdpe pipe NY 12203 (USA), Ellington -United States, Brazil, Russia
OD 76mm 3m long water well drill pipe Dammam -KSA, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong
3-1/2 inch DP drill pipe Qatar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Dubai
drill cast iron pipe Czechia, Belgium, UAE, Malaysia
42mm geological round drill rod /drill pipe 1m Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, UK
2" 50mm water well drill pipe Europe, Malaysia, France, Philippines