Sheet and Plate

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Steel products like sheets and plates are sheet material, which can be easily cut or welded to develop an elaborate product. A steel Sheet is a thinner item from a metal. This metal can be cut from a continuous rolled coil. It can be 1mm or 25mm in thickness. A Steel plate is a thicker metal piece that can be rolled as a single product. The thickness on a plate can be 150mm or more or in some cases as less as 2mm for some products. Over the last decade, we have been the leading Steel Sheet and Plate supplier in India. We ensure that the products we produce are top quality and available at reasonable rates to all.

Most steel products are produced by heat rolling or cold rolling procedures. Hot Rolled Steel Sheet is produced in mills at temperatures of 926° Celsius. These products are easy to give shape and work with. While a Cold Rolled Steel Sheet is formed after cooling hot rolled steel at room temperature. These sheets are rolled back, again followed by further refinement to the sheets. Our renowned workers produce the best products using the latest technology and the best raw materials.

These sheets and plates are highly corrosion resistant. Apart from this, they have good durability and strength. The Applications for Steel sheet & Plate are wide and diverse in different chemical industries, manufacturing units, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries. All our products can be customized in different shapes and sizes to suit all our customer’s needs. If you want to know more about our steel sheets and plates and other products, contact us for more information