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Rods are available in various shapes and dimensions depending upon the applications that they are being used in. Welding Rod can either be consumable or non-consumable. Consumable rods disintegrate to form the bonding material. This holds 2 metal pieces together. Whereas a non-consumable rod provides catalytic reaction with the base metals to propagate their fusing in an oxygen-rich atmospheric environment. ss welding rod offers strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. However, when compared to mild steel these rods are difficult to weld. Stainless steel rods are 3-5 times more expensive as compared to mild steel rods.

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Electrodes Wire are negative whereas the workpiece is positive. The electrons flow to the workpiece and the gas ions flow from the workpiece to the electrodes. This creates a bead that has lower penetration DCEP. Filler Rods are another type of welding rod that has a light copper plating. These rods are majorly used as consumable electrodes that generate heat with electric arc welding. These electrodes discharge heat that melts both electrodes and the base metal is heated. Working on the same lines a filler wire is a non-consumable electrode that melts and serves as a filler metal thus joining the metal pieces.

aluminum welding rods also act as filler metals. It has a lower melting temperature as compared to mild steel. Different welding rods are required to compensate for the low melting point for aluminum. 7018 welding rod is a medium penetration fill freeze electrode and is used in pressure metal in the locomotive car, aluminum-magnesium alloy argon arc welding filler metals, refrigerators, shipbuilding, boiler, as well as in aerospace and nuclear industry.

Welding Rod

Specification List of Welding Rod

Diameter 4mm- 20mm
Coating Copper Layer 0.05 -0.17mm
OEM Accept OEM
Material Coke, Carbon Graphite
Length 305mm/355mm/455mm/510mm
Export To Spain, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Ukraine, Ireland, Brazil, Korea, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, USA, Peru
Application Welding Carbon Steel Materials
Operating Temperature  Standard Temperature

Electrode Classification Number

Digit Coating Weld Current
0 * *
1 Cellulose Potassium ac, dcrp, dcsp
2 Titania sodium ac, dcsp
3 Titania potassium ac, dcsp, dcrp
4 Iron Powder Titania ac, dcsp, dcrp
5 Low hydrogen sodium dcrp
6 Low hydrogen potassium ac, dcrp
7 Iron powder iron oxide ac, dcsp
8 Iron powder low hydrogen ac, dcrp, dcsp

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Welding Rod Price Per Piece in India Electrodes Wire Price in INR Welding Rod Price in USD Filler Rods Price in UAE Dirham
COPPER WELDING ROD Per Unit 27 US $0.36 UAE Dirham 1.33

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Coatings Of Welding Electrodes

  • Cellulose
  • Metal carbonates
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Clays & gums
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Mineral silicates
  • Iron powder

Materials Of Welding Rod

Types Characteristic
Coverd Electrode materials are painted and covered flux around core steel rod
TIG Welding Rod materials are coated copper and the others have flux cored structure
GMAW Solid wire Shape of these materials is small diameter steel wire, there is copper coated type and non-coated type
GMAW Flux Cored Wire wires have dual structure that inner is flux and outer sheath is cylindrical thin steel plate, copper coated type and non-coated type
SAW wire Shape of these materials is large diameter steel wire, there are flux cored types in a part
SAW Flux fluxes are mixed powdery materials contained some elements
Strip Electrode welding materials of ribbon shape with suitable width

Features of Filler Rods

  • Minimum spatter adjacent to the weld
  • A stable welding arc
  • Penetration control
  • A strong, tough coating
  • Easier slag removal
  • Improved deposition rate
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Copper tig filler wire Europe, United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia, UAE
welding rod tungsten electrode Italy, Chile, Iran, Singapore
Cast Iron Welding Rod 3.15mm Malaysia, Oman, Hong Kong, UAE
SS Tig Welding filler wire South Africa, Bahrain, Singapore, Singapore
2mm welding SS filler wire France, Qatar, Europe, Thailand
aluminum brazing filler cored wire Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Dubai
3.2mm low carbon steel welding electrode rod Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore
Aluminum Welding Brazing Rod 1.6/2MM Japan, Europe, Romania, Malaysia
Low Temperature Aluminum Solder Rod USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Finland
Welding Rod E6013 2.5*350mm Canada, UK, Poland, Ellington -United States
welding rods E6013 J421 Germany, Czechia, Thailand, Malaysia
welding electrode 1/8 vertical welding for pipeline Colombia, Sweden, Malaysia, China
Mild steel welding rod Spain, Egypt, Mexico, UK
Tig Welding Filler Wire Bare Stainless Alloy Steel South Korea, Singapore, NY 12203 (USA), Malaysia
WELDING ROD 3.15 * 350mm Indonesia, Dammam -KSA, Philippines, Belgium
ER70S-6 mig welding wire tig filler 3.2mm Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Norway, Malaysia
AWS E6011 welding rod Saudi Arabia (KSA), South Africa, Kuwait, Brazil
2mm titanium filler wire Taiwan, Malaysia, Los Alamos -Mexico, Philippines
5.0mm Welding Rod Electrode Australia, Philippines, UK, Nigeria